Foto: Odeta Catana

Interview II:
  Jean-Lorin Sterian

9. September, 19 Uhr
Privatwohnung auf der Eisenbahnstraße

Jean-Lorin Sterian kartographiert im Rahmen seine Doktorarbeit kulturelle und künstlerische Projekte, die ausschließlich in Privatwohnungen stattfinden. Füge dein Projekt zu seinem Archiv hinzu.

Who are you? What is your expertise?

Many years ago I’ve studied journalism. Ten years after I’ve graduated, almost in the same time when I began to manage performances in my house, I started a master in anthropology. Some years later I also graduated from a second master called Society. Media. Spectacle. Now I’m a Phd student altough I hated school as a teenager and as an early student. I use to be a writer, I’ve published several fiction books but I have ceased writing in the last two-three years.

What do you associate with »Potential Spaces«?

In my case, a potencial space is the one who can be enriched thru’ art events. It needs interraction between poeple in order to become a place.

You organize cultural events and festivals in private flats, but you don’t call yourself an arts manager – How would you describe your profession?

is an art project. I design/create social frames. The material that I’m working with is a composition of layers of social relashionships. What I’m doing is not a profession or a job: It started as a joke or accident, like many other important things and now it’s part of my life for good. [...] lorgennale takes also the shape of a festival, it’s a real festival, but also is a »social sculpture« in order to quote Beuys.

What is it that caught your attention in regard to homemade culture?

The relationship between these type of events and the state of the society where they happen; the healing factor of the performative process; the intimate context which could lead to some revolutionary concepts, ideas, movementes.

Your lecture performance will be in an unknown flat at Eisenbahnstraße – How do you prepare for it?

It takes me a short while to turn any place into a home. The lecture will take the final shape once I will »taste« the city and the flat.


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